Why Invest?

This is a unique exchange that works differently from any other you've ever visited. You'll want to participate in this because:

  • BNB Earnings! Holding onto BNG tokens means you are continuously being distributed "free" BNB every single time any other user of the exchange buys, sells or transfers tokens. Many holders often report earnings between 0.05%-2% of their holdings on a daily basis, though this fluctuates heavily based on transaction volume.

  • Fair. There was no pre-mine for BNG. Developers and contributors purchased small amounts) with no additional pre-mine of coins. The distribution of tokens is incredibly even. Everyone had the same chance to buy-in and everyone gets earnings only according to their BNG holdings. There is no developer fee.

  • Fraud-proof.

    The BNB you enter into the system isn't being held by any person or group. The BNB in the exchange is handled only by a production open-source BNB smart contract. Contracts are immutable and this means there is no owner who could decide they wanted to keep the BNB for themselves (i.e exit scam is an impossibility).

  • Transparent.

    You can see the full source code for the contract managing this exchange. The rules of the exchange are clearly posted and no promises are being made. There is a clear culture of honesty and transparency amongst the community and above all by the admins and developers.

  • Decentralized.

    The entire exchange backend is powered by the smart contract which lives on the Binance Smart Chain and is "owned" by no one. If the site goes down, the contract can always be accessed by alternate front-ends. The contract simply operates according to rules that are fair and can't be changed.

Alright, but what are the risks?

  • Panic Selling. The value of each BNG token is determined entirely by the buy and sell activity. Every token purchase increases the price and every sell decreases the price by a marginal amount. However, if there was mass hysteria and every single person sold, the value of the BNG tokens would be significantly reduced which would mean your token holdings would be worth very little BNB. If there was a massive panic sell, you would of course receive earnings on every sell proportional to your holdings. You would then also receive earnings on every buy as people began buying in again. Would this be so bad?

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